Sunday, April 24, 2005

New Additions

April has been a good month for Regional Kitties -- lots of new and interesting additions to the Asunaro website, lots of older, hard-to-find plushes turning up on the auction sites.

My collection has grown (bloated) over the past year so "trading was been light" up until recent months. Normally I am adding one new plush mascot or "nuigurumi" to my collection every other month. However, last month I hit the jackpot thanks to the help of one my regular "kitty dealers." A nice, big package was delivered on Friday and despite it being late in April, it felt like Christmas.

A few of the newest plushes

"Kagawa Kukai" aka Kobo Daishi, the founder of Shingon Esoborder="0"gion: Shikoku, Kagawa Prefecture

"Nozawana" -- Kitty White enjoys green tea and some nozawana, a turnip green that is grown in the mountains of Japan
Region: Koshinetsu

Hard-to-find plushes ---at least for me

"Michinoku Kokeshi" -- In this version, Kitty White appears as the traditional wooden doll from the general area of Tohoku. This is a "Genyo" era item from 2002.
Region: Tohoku


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