Tuesday, April 26, 2005

What will they think of next...

Sometimes I am simply astounded at what the the Asunaro-sha folks will come up with interms of Kitty White's next appearance in their regional/limited series. Okay, I wasn't suprised by the "underpants" series -- seems to be in line with traditional, cutesy Hello Kitty fare, but when I saw the "Kazuko Hosoki" series, I had to get up and leave the computer for a few minutes. Outside of Japan, Hosoki is known as one of the tart-tongued judges on "Iron Chef" and from what I understand, she is spicier in her many appearances on japanese television.

Other recent and fanciful additions to the "you're kidding me" guises:

  • Kitty as a Sumo wrestler. It's both funny and disturbing to see that cute white face on that body.
  • Kitty as Papaya Suzuki (Japanese TV comic pop star)
  • Last but not least (and I should mention, this is one of my favorite Kitty themes) The Four Ramen Devas (page relisting pending...)

There's something about the food-thingie and Kitty that always makes me both happy and hungry. Two of my latest additions to my regional collection are food-thingies:

Kitty White pops out of a bag of Shingenmochi -- a treat said to be a favorite of Samurai Shingen Takeda. To find out more about this fabulous treat, I highly recommend Chika's blog on the subject

Kitty prepares and eats a Kanto region specialty -- kind of a japanese pancake/omelette. To find a better description of the dish and its preparation, try this site.

These additions are not currently available as plushes so I must be content with their miniature netsuke forms. Maybe they are more charming in micro... they still make me hungry, that's for sure.


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